Okanagan Cherries

We can't deny that we all love cherries. When summer arrives, we wait for the peak time in Summer when the Okanagan cherries become available. The big, juicy cherries are harvested right here in our British Columbia. We are fortunate enough to get a variety of our favourite summer fruit delivered from the beautiful Okanagan Valley. Cherry lovers: keep reading if you're interested in learning about the different types of cherries from the Okanagan!
Rainier Cherry


The 'Princess' of cherries. These are a large, sweet cherry with a red blush, similar to the Royal Ann cherry.
- Firm, with a clear to light yellow flesh,
- A fine texture and distinct sweet flavor
- Excellent for eating fresh
- Also known as the 'white cherry' because of its flesh colour and yellowish skin. A red blush appears when they're ripe.
- Blossom around the end of April

The Van Cherry

Is another popular cherry that has been grown in the Okanagan for a very long time.
- A medium sized cherry, slightly smaller than a bing
- These are firm and in black colour, but sweet in taste
- Usually available at the end of June, or early July
- Excellent for canning, and using in your favourite yummy cherry recipe like the cherry cobbler!

Bing Cherry


At a time were the most popular of all cherries grown in the Okanagan Valley.
- Very large in size, slightly heart-shaped cherries
- Rich maroon colour, and a deliciously sweet flavor
- One of the more common types of cherries that you will find at grocery stores and supermarkets.
- Good idea to store the fully-ripened Bing cherries in the fridge for longer preservation.
- Bing cherries are usually preferred fresh, but they are also excellent for cherry recipes such as jams, jellies and preserves.
- One of the most versatile types of cherries around!

Santina Cherry


Is a very sweet, average-sized, black cherry.
- Oval shaped with beautiful, bright and attractive skin
- Came from the Canadian cherry breeding program in British Columbia in the 1960s
- Is an early cherry, usually harvested mid-to-late June
- Delicious when eaten fresh!
- These are perfect for making delicious cherry dessert recipes, cheesecakes, and a homemade cherry pies!

Skeena Cherry


Is usually ripened and are harvested around the same time as the Lapin cherry (around mid-July to mid-August).
- Large, very firm, with a dark-red or blackish skin
- Strong flavour and good quality
- Also good when eaten fresh
- Taste delicious in dessert recipes because they're super sweet!

The Sweetheart Cherry


Is a late cherry, with a unique taste and a firm fruit that is crunchy when picked and eaten.
- Usually available beginning in late July to the middle of August
- Very good in a cherry dessert, canned cherries, and sweet cherry jam
- A good type of cherry to ship, so if you're looking to take cherries home with you, these keep fairly well

Lambert Cherry


Have been one of the main types of cherries grown in the Okanagan, historically.
- Is large, round and a beautiful deep ruby red color, and has a semi sweet flavor
- Usually available around the middle of July
- Excellent for out-of-hand eating as well as cooking and baking

Lapin Cherry


Sweet cherries characterized by dark ruby skin, deep red flesh, and are a very large size. These make a delicious sweet cherry jam or jelly!
- One of the most popular fruits commercially grown around the world, and this variety tends to keep better than other types of cherries.
- Generally ready to pick in mid July. You can get these types of cherries at local farm fresh markets all the way to mid August.

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